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Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, and LeAnn Rimes are all becoming pop stars as country music continues its migration from, well, country music. But those yearning for a twangin’ gal should consider this newcomer, singer/songwriter Allison Moorer. On Alabama Song, Moorer, the younger sister of singer Shelby Lynne, delivers a collection that spans from Buck Owens-like revelry to shuffles and bittersweet balladry. The star attraction, though, is Moorer’s steamy voice, which can prompt a slow burn deep inside while thankfully sidestepping the all-too-frequent overwrought delivery of many a Nashville femme. With enough shine to entice those looking for country’s more refined ways, Alabama Song is definitely rooted in the mainstream, but it’s the album’s down-to-earth soul that makes it a winner. –Neal Weiss