Love is an Open Door – Disney’s Frozen (Live Drum Cover)

First time playing with in-ear monitors, second time playing for a wedding, second time playing a frozen song??

For some reason Frozen songs happen to keep finding me again at events I play in. This was a surprise item so we didn’t practice this song much, so my approach was pretty much keep it simple and “in the pocket”. (it was actually pretty fun to play i must say…)

The sound recorded is what i mixed to feed into my IEMs, so although the drums sounded a bit weird here, it doesnt actually. oh and pardon the male lead, he got a bit emotional when he saw the bride get emotional… hahaha

I actually learnt a lot from this IEM experience, mainly that consistency on a (good) snare (14″ especially) is actually super important. Missing that rim shot just a bit gives a completely different sound! This might be amateurish sounding but… hey you gotta learn the lesson some how right?

Congrats JLo! Thanks for having me 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria


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