Listen to the best country music – On the Road- Andy Ferrell –

Andy Ferrell performing “On the Road” with Meade Richter on the fiddle written by Andy Ferrell. This performance was on 2/24/13 at Homewood Castle in Asheville, NC as a part of night 2 of Locavoire’s monthly organic farm to table dinner and music series.This is a song I wrote while traveling through New Zealand last year about the joys of living on the road. For more about me and my music visit my facebook

When I was a young man
I left out of my home
To see what I could find across the sea
Now my days are long and happy
Doing whatever I please
Yes I think this traveling life
Is the only one for me

It feels so good to be on your own
Wandering the countryside
Without a home
Sleeping out at night
Sitting by the fire light
That’s the way it is out on the road

They said I should know better
Than to go chasing crazy dreams
Better stick to that straight and narrow
Got to get that degree
Now I’ve got masters in hitchin’ and a doctorate in living free
And I don’t care if I make it back
To sunny Tennessee


Lyrics Copyright Andy Ferrell 2012 ©


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