Lace monitor with metabolic bone disease

My yearling lace monitor has metabolic bone disease. I have not had her from a hatchling, I got her at 7 months old, I took her to the vet the day after I got her because her snout bent down from pushing on the glass in her enclosure and the vet told me she had MBD. The MBD was caused from the previous owner feeding her only chicken breast from the supermarket instead of small animals (like mice, rats, chickens and so on). She now has to have calcium injections twice a day and food injected every second day for a year. This video is the first time in months that she has tried to eat and as you all can see, she just can’t do it. She tried to get it down for 20 mins before I had to force it in to a point she could do it herself. She also had a big burn on her back when I got her, which is healing up quite well.

DONT FEED YOUR REPTILES CRAP! This is a bad case of what can happen.