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Do you want to have your song recorded by a country artist like Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton or Taylor Swift? Would not it be nice to make big money from royalties every time your song is played on the radio?

How great would it be to have the respect of your friends knowing you've written hit songs, and experiencing the amazing lifestyle that goes with being a highly successful songwriter?

How do you get there from here? How can your song become the next big country music hit?

One thing is sure: the royalty stream from a typical hit country song is huge. It can include radio airplay; physical and digital sales; movies, television (for example, the hit show Nashville uses country songs and has an ongoing need for them). Most hit country songs are also re-recorded and sold in other countries by popular artists. foreign versions often make more money than domestic versions!

So how does your song start earning income? There are several steps you'll need to take before you even get the chance to be heard by a music industry pro in Nashville:

1. Almost everyone knows a song should be copyrighted. But the latest law automatically bestows copyright protection on your work the moment it's finished. Simply write © 2017 Your Name and it's protected. Music pros do not steal songs. They may borrow song ideas but ideas can not be copyrighted anyway. Do not bother with mailing a copy to yourself, the "poor man's copyright" is easily defeated and would never hold up in a court of law.

You may wish to take the additional step and register your copyright with The Library of Congress.

2. You need a quality demonstration recording. Without a decent quality "demo" your efforts to get your song in front of the decision makers will probably be wasted.

The demo recording is an investment that you will easily recoup if / when your song is recorded by a major artist. Typically, for under $ 900 per song, you'll get a pro sounding recording you'll be proud to shop.

Once you have your song completed, copymitted and a demo made, it's time to shop it.

Note that selling your song outright is not legal in the United States. Laws were passed long ago to stop that practice because of songwriters who sold their song for a few dollars that later made millions of dollars for the song publishers.

What you can do is market your song to music publishers, artists, record company A & R. First, research to find out which artists are currently recording and who the contact person to submit your song to for that project is.

It's a fascinating business and all it takes is one, "Yes, we want to use your song on our artist's next record" to change your life!

Source by Bill E Watson
Country News & stories – How to Sell Your Songs To Country Music Artists #Countrymusic #news & #Stories

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